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Children are at the heart of everything we do  at Wyvil. We have a carefully designed programme of assemblies which are conducted by staff or children at the school as well as visiting speakers. Our Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health curriculum aims to enhance children’s personal development. Pupils at Wyvil also have the opportunity to become involved in a range of initiatives.

School Council

We believe in the importance of giving children  a voice in the decision making of the school.  Wyvil School Council  gives pupils this opportunity. 

Peer Mediators

Older children in the school have the opportunity to help others through our successful Peer Mediator scheme. Pupils are trained to mediate in disputes between other children and use this training to good effect during play times; helping to ensure a happy and harmonious school community.

Five and Thrive

Our year 5 pupils are trained to work in the school dining hall during lunchtimes to promote healthy eating and food hygiene.

Green Team

As part of our commitment to the ECO Schools programme, the  Wyvil Green Team meet weekly to promote environmental issues within the school.

Young Leaders

We now have groups of chidlren from Years 4, 5 and 6 to help make playtime more fun.  Specially trained, the children organise a range of sports based activities in both playgrounds at lunchtime. 


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