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Class Teachers: Ms Jackie Crawford

Support Staff:

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The Centre for Children with Speech and Language Difficulties provides children with a specialised curriculum tailored to meet their needs and to provide a wide range of speaking and listening opportunities.  All children in the centre work from Individual learning plans and take part in a range of extra curricular activities.

Ensuring that the childen in the centre integrate and play with their counterparts in the rest of the school is a priority.  All children have a programme of inclusion into the main classes of the school and play with children from the main school during playtimes.  As children enter Key Stage 2, they become more fully integrated into the main school, but still with the support and modified curriculum designed to meet their needs. 

Please select the link below and take a look at our Curriculum Newsletters for each term.

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LC2 Curriculum Newsletter Term 2 2017/18

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LC2 Curriculum Newsletter Term 4 2017/18

LC2 Curriculum Newsletter Term 5 2017/18

LC2 Curriculum Newsletter Term 6 2017/18


Please contact your child's class teacher if you would like more information about the curriculum your child is following.



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