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A Massive Thank You to Mace

Members of the Mace Group, an international consultancy and construction company, made an exciting visit to Wyvil today. They brought with them a generous donation of £5700 towards the cost of shiny new steel pans for 'Wings of Steel' our resident steel pan band.

The colossal cheque was presented to Mr Toye, Mrs Da Silva and Mr Facey who were overwhelmed by the generousity that Mace have shown towards reviving the spirits and instruments of our panners. The children were pleasantly surprised by the size (both physical and monetary) of the cheque. They were very interested to meet the kind benefactors that had bestowed such a gift upon them.

The Mace Group picked a great day for their visit to Wyvil as it was our annual International Day. The playground was filled with Wyvil pupils and their families, who were tasting the international delights that parents and children had prepared. To accompany the fun, and show their gratitude towards Mace,  the Wings of Steel played some of their favourite numbers such as: 'Wear My Heart on my Sleeve' and the aptly named 'Lovely Day', the title of which summed up the essence of International Day and our visit from the Mace Group.


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