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Eco Action Games Assembly

Today we had a visit from Lydia from Eco Action Games who came to present a special Eco Action Games assembly. She came to talk to the whole school about how the project had been going and highlight the many successes and also let us know about areas where we could be more energy efficient.  

Lydia shared many interesting facts such as: the plumbing work we have had done at Wyvil to make us more water efficient has saved the equivalent of 5160 baths in the last year. That's a lot of water! She also gave us the results of a survey carried out by the Green Team which showed that while 51% (more than half) of children at Wyvil have short showers (4 minutes or less) to save water 49% of children are still taking longer showers and we need to improve on this.

Lydia awarded the Green Team with certificates in recognition of their work with the Eco Action Games project. She was pleased to see the children enjoying their Eco Action games in the playground.


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