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Good News - The Easter Story

The ‘Good News’ rang out as Year 4 performed their Easter play. The traditional Easter story was given a modern twist, performed in a news style, with film cameras and foreign correspondents. The acting, choir parts and beautifully sung solos were thoroughly enjoyed by all who watched and listened to this musical extravaganza.

Even More Good News

The children in 4AC baked hot cross buns for the performance. They had great fun mixing and kneading the dough, whilst learning about the religious significance of the different ingredients: the bread flour to represent Jesus' body, the rising yeast because Christ rose too, 5 currants for Jesus' 5 wounds and the cross on top to reming people that Jesus died on the cross. Some of the parents commented that they were better than shop bought hot cross buns and that they were the best hot cross buns they'd ever tasted! Hot X bun donations from the parents raised an amazing £43.37 towards the next Year 4 trip.

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