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Helping with Dyslexia

In Autumn and Spring Term Wyvil Primary School staff participated in SpLD-Trust project organized by Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre. The aim of the project was to:

Ø Increase an awareness of literacy difficulties and dyslexia and the learning needs of pupils with literacy difficulties and dyslexia

Ø Demonstrate commitment to implementation of the SEND reforms and implementation of the graduated response

Ø Recognise and be able to explain the Simple View of Reading

Ø Recognise the Dyslexia-SpLD Trust resources and know how to use them to support and strengthen self-improvement through professional development

We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully completed the training and were awarded: a certificate for Continuing Professional Development and Supporting Learners with Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulties and a badge, shown here.  



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