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Wyvil Pupils Perform at the Southbank as part of the Organ Festival

On the 18th March, Wyvil school choir members joined other selected primary school choirs to perform in the Royal Festival Hall for the organ gala evening.  The children had been attending voicelab rehearsals in the previous weeks to prepare them for the performance and they did themselves and the chool proud.  Here is a link to a review of the evening where the children's performance was described as the 'Festive centrepiece of the evening'
Below is an extract from an email from Holly Hunter, one of the organisers of the project.

Hello all,
I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and all of the children who sang in the Organ Gala Launch concert last Tuesday. It was a truly fantastic performance and we hope it will be a memorable moment for everyone who took part.

Thank you once again – your singers were impeccably behaved, sounded fantastic, and showed incredible commitment to the project!

With kindest regards,


Holly Hunter

Voicelab Manager

Southbank Centre

Part of the Wyvern Federation