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Please click on the link below for Wyvil Primary School Reception Admission Information for September 2014


   PDF icon Reception 2014 UPDATE

   PDF icon Applying for Reception September 2014 

Admission to the Nursery

For admissions to the nursery, parents should contact Marie McLeod-Federation Admissions Officer who will be happy to assist you.    Tel: 020 7622 1164 or Email: mmcleod@wyvil.org.uk

Admission to Reception or any other year group:

All applications to Reception are dealt with by the Education Department of Lambeth Borough Council. Parents should fill out a Common Application Form.  In the case of a greater number of applications than spaces available, places will be allocated according to the oversubscription criteria which are detailed on the Lambeth Admissions website.

Wyvil Primary School Admissions Criteria from September 2012:

Please take a look at our current Admissions Criteria for our school.

Please click on this link to view  PDF icon Admissions Criteria 

Please take a look at our current Attendance Policy for our school.

Please click on this link to view  PDF iconAttendance Policy

Admission to the Centre for Children with Speech and Language Difficulties:

Children are admitted to the Speech and Language Centre on referral from the Speech and Language Therapy service or the Special Educational Needs service. Please contact Mr Toye, Mrs. Da Silva or Miss Hurst (SENCO for Speech and Language) should you require further information.  

If you require any further information on any admission issue please contact the school directly.