Architecture in School Project

From September to December 2021 Year 4 took part in the Architecture in Schools competition run by Open City charity. The competition involved schools from all over London with teams from across Key Stage 2.

The challenge was to research, analyse, plan, design and create a 'Celebration City' inspired by the children's experiences during and after lockdown. The judges were looking for designs that would:

    "Celebrate London’s amazing...architecture whilst also exploring the exciting opportunities of  redesigning their own local areas to make them more equal, clean, beautiful, sustainable, fun and a real celebration for all to enjoy."

In partnership with architects from award winning firm Assael Architecture, the children worked tirelessly, creatively and collaboratively to create a true masterpiece of architectural design complete with (among other things):

- chocolate brownie and fruit factories

- a wind powered renewable energy grid

- a school with a giant slide, ball pit, library, bowling alley and rocket launch pad

- even a house next to the school for all the teachers to live in (so thoughtful!)

During this project the children made excellent cross-curricular links especially in mathematics, design and technology, computing, art, geography and science; as well as exploring our city on two extra-curricular trips.

The children's efforts did not go unrewarded! When they won First Place in Design Development the judges said that:

   "Their work made meticulous use of every stage of the design development process and far exceeded our expectations and any previous Architecture in Schools submission by including their own Sketch Up visualisation of their celebration city."

As well as a certificate the children also received a gold 'Key to the City' which in a fun bit of historical learning relates to an old medieval tradition. The bearer of the key is entitled to take their sheep across London Bridge, so if you see a Year 4 child with a sheep on London Bridge you will know they are from Wyvil!

Click Here to see their amazing journey.


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