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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of frequently asked questions follows below and will be regularly updated in response to the questions we regularly receive. 

In addition to our frequently asked questions, CLICK HERE to read the scientific guidance that the government used to inform their decision-making (15 May 2020) - all of which has been used to underpin the school's decision making.

Will school be the same as usual?

School will be following the Government guidance on social distancing - so school is likely to look and feel different to how the children will remember it.

School work will continue to follow the curriculum via the online learning platform Padlet, that the children have been accessing at home, while the PSHE curriculum, amended to reflect thecurrent situation, will focus on supporting children’s immediate needs.

This will be explained to children and form part of the updated behaviour policy as well as a pupil Code of Conduct that will be explained to by the staff in your child’s ‘bubble’. Children will be supported by their teacher to follow the rules and adhere to Wyvil's Core Values, as outlined in their Return to School Code of Conduct.

Will my child have their usual Class Teacher?

Your child will have a Wyvil Staff member leading their ‘bubble’ group. This may not be their usual class teacher. All teachers are qualified to teach all year groups. Children will continue to follow the work set out on our online learning platform Padlet, that the children have been accessing at home.

Will my child need to wear school uniform?

Yes please.

Will the school remain nurturing?

In the same way that we have done while supporting you all at a remain nurturing? distance over the past 8 weeks, we will continue to do our best to create a welcoming and nurturing environment for your child.


Will staff be wearing PPE?

We have been advised that this is not necessary. We ask for your child to dispose of PPE as they come into school.
If your child feels unwell or needs first aid, a first aider may need to put on PPE to treat your child.

Will social distancing actually happen?

There are lots of measures that have been put in place to ensure that social distancing happens in line with Government guidance ie: desks set apart, reminders of where to stand on the floor, one way system of walking around the school to support this as much as possible.

We will continue to follow the current guidance, as and when the guidance changes, so will our practice.

Will my child be able to play with their friends and enjoy themselves at school?

We want children to enjoy coming back to school and we will try to make their experience a positive one. The measures necessary to follow the government guidelines mean that children will not be able to interact and socialise with each other in quite the same way that they were used to previously.

How will you stop children from getting close to each other and touching in the playground?

Children will be kept in their 'class bubbles' at playtimes and lunchtimes, they will use designated areas of the playground only, away from other ‘bubbles’.

Supervising staff will remind children not to get too close while they are playing.

What should I do if I feel my child is unable to follow the social distancing measures?

Please speak to your child about the different ‘rules’ to keep safe that need to be followed in school.
Please also take the time to go through the home school agreement with them so they understand that this is to keep them safe.

What will happen to my child if they do not follow the new measures?

The school's current behaviour management policy is adequate to cover these circumstances and will be applied to any incidents where a child's behaviour threatens their own safety or well-being or that of another child or member of staff.

In addition to the Home School agreement set out at the end of this document, we will also introduce a ‘Return to School’ Code of Conduct, which, underpinned by Wyvil’s Core Values, will support the children in understanding the need to adhere to the new school rules and why they are important. This will be a clear visual reminder that will also be on display in classrooms and around the school to prompt children to ensure that they are adhering to the new measures and rules in place.

Can I request which group my child is in?

The school will decide the class grouping to ensure balance and that the needs of individual children are best supported. 

Is school clean for children to return?

School has continued to be thoroughly cleaned daily, as is always the case.
The Hub will close over Half Term in order to all for a substantial deep clean in order to prepare for the re-opening following Covid-19 Government recommendations.
A cleaner will be on site and mid-day clean, as well as end of day cleaners.
Classes have hand sanitizer and cleaning spray for regular use. Any shared resources will be cleaned before the next day.

Will there be a breakfast club?

School is only able to provide a core offer at present. There will be no clubs including breakfast or after school clubs. We will notify you as soon as we are able to re-commence our extended services.


Will school be open as usual?                                                                             Where and when should I drop off and pick up my child?                                                     What about Breakfast Club and After School Clubs?

  • Further information about the relevant opening hours will be shared with children in relevant year groups in due course.
  • Essentially, the school will be operating a reduced school day with no Breakfast Club or After School Clubs in order to minimise gatherings beyond the recommended groups of 15 pupils at any one time. This will also allow staff to travel at quieter times of the day.
  • Each year group will be given an allocated time slot as well as identified entrance. Please do not arrive earlier as we have staggered the arrival times to maximise pupils’ safety, minimise gatherings, queues or crowds, in order to ensure social distancing.
  • School staff will be in the playgrounds and at the entrances to supervise arrivals and ensure social distancing. Once your child has been dropped off, please leave the school promptly and only return at the collection time, which will in the same way as drop off, be allocated for your child.
  • These procedures have been carefully considered and planned to minimise crowds and to effectively support the safe drop off and collection of your child.


How will you ensure social distancing?

Procedures outlined above will help ensure social distancing at the start and end of the school day. Throughout the school day itself, the following measures have been carefully considered and planned to ensure that social distancing will take place:

  • In line with the government guidance, each class size will have a maximum of 15 pupils, the understanding of which being that each group of 15 pupils will become a 'bubble' within the school.
  • Measures to ensure social distancing will be taken to ensure social distancing where possible, but we recognise that this may not always be wholly possible, especially with younger children.

In the Classroom:

  • The teacher will remain at the front of the classroom, behind tape that demarcates 2 metres from the children in the front row. The teacher will not move beyond this line. Pupils will not be required to move around the classroom apart from entering and leaving.
  • Resources for learning activities will be on pupils’ desks prior to arrival and will have been sanitised before distribution.
  • Pupils will be encouraged to bring their own pencil case into school where appropriate and to keep these at their allocated desk space at all times.
  • Pupils will enter the classroom, and move to the farthest seat away from the entrance and sit straight down. Bags and coats will remain with them and under their desk space.
  • Children will be seated 2 metres away from each other.
  • Children will not be able to leave their seats at any point. They will be escorted to the toilet by a member of staff.


Playtimes & Lunchtimes:

  • Children will take playtimes and lunchtimes in their class groups of 15.
  • Playtimes will be staggered in order to minimise crowding of pupils and mixing of different class groups.
  • Children will be escorted in and out of the classroom at the start and end of the school day, as well as at other key transition points throughout the day.
  • Free movement around the school site will be limited.


How will you ensure that the school is thoroughly sanitised?

    • Staff will monitor entry to school. Every individual will sanitise their hands prior to entry.

    • All pupils are requested to wash their hands thoroughly before arriving at school and once they return home.

    • Doors will all be propped open as much as possible to avoid having to touch handles, in line with fire requirements, and windows opened to allow adequate ventilation.

    • Classrooms will be used by the same group of children and teacher for the day to avoid any cross contamination and classes will not be covered by any other staff members.

    • Toilets will be sanitised in between use.

    • Colleagues and pupils will be encouraged not to touch their mouth, eyes and nose.

    • All individuals are asked to use a tissue or elbow to cough or sneeze into and use bins for tissue waste. ‘Catch it, Bin it, Kill it.’ 


What will learning look like in Term 6?                                                                    Will you be following the school curriculum?

  • As outlined above, teachers will continue to prepare learning on our online learning platforms, Padlet, designed to be accessed from pupils, whether they are at school or at home.
  • As with Term 5, the Padlets are following the school curriculum for Term 6, although small additions and amendments have been made to reflect the current situation and support the children through this time, with a specific focus on PSHCE and emotional well-being.
  • This has been planned to minimise the amount of resources required and to minimise the distraction of paper, books and other resources. It is likely that children will be issued with a 'work pack' for the week - which they will remain in sole use of, alongside a stationary pack.


What should I do if my child or a family member is unwell?

  • Should anyone in your family be experiencing the symptoms of COVID-19 your child must not attend school and you will be expected to notify us of this accordingly. You must observe the government guidance at the time for seeking support and isolation for your illness. We continue to monitor COVID- 19 illnesses amongst our staff and pupil body.
  • If your child is unwell, please ensure you notify us immediately to enable us to take the necessary precautions on site and to notify the relevant people and associations if required.
  • This guidance is subject to change and any update will be issued accordingly.


What are the implications for not sending my child to school?                        How will they access learning if their peers and teachers are in school?

  • We recognise that families may still have reasons for not sending their child into school. At this point, it has been made clear that fines will not be issued for non-attendance at school.
  • For our attendance registers and records, the school will however, require a reason as to why your child is not attending school.
  • As outline above, teachers will continue to prepare learning on our online learning platforms, Padlet, designed to be accessed from pupils, whether they are at school or at home.

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