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Wyvil's curriculum is organised into termly 'knowledge organisers' which help outline to all stakeholders (including pupils, parents and staff) the key knowledge and foundational facts the children are expected to recall at the end of each term.

Knowledge organisers were introduced as a means of supporting the children in recapping the Summer Term learning they were not in school for and as a means to support them in 'catching up' and addressing any missed learning.

As we progress throughout the year, our whole school curriculum will be represented by Knowledge Organisers. You can view our growing collection here below, starting with the Summer Term recap Knowledge Organisers, by clicking on any of the links below:


Summer Term 2019-20 Recap / Welcome to Autumn Term 2020-21

 Welcome to Reception: Let's Recap Nursery Term 5    Let's Recap Nursery T6


Welcome to Year 1: Let's Recap Reception Term 5    Let's Recap Reception T6


Welcome to Year 2:   Let's Recap Year 1 Term 5    Let's Recap Year 1 Term 6


Welcome to Year 3:   Let's Recap Year 2 Term 5    Let's Recap Year 2 Term 6


Welcome to Year 4:   Let's Recap Year 3 Term 5    Let's Recap Year 3 Term 6


Welcome to Year 5:   Let's Recap Year 4 Term 5     Let's Recap Year 4 Term 6


Welcome to Year 6:   Let's Recap Year 5 Term 5     Let's Recap Year 5 Term 6


Autumn Term 2020-21

 Autumn Term Knowledge Organisers will be shared here soon.

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