Maths at Wyvil Autism Resource Base (ARB)

We have high expectations of all our children. We celebrate achievement and recognise the importance of partnerships with parents.

We follow the National curriculum, modified and adapted to ensure accessibility and inclusion for all our children. Math Lessons are designed to build on each child’s existing knowledge. We actively work to ensure that all children are gaining new skills and the confidence to master them.

Every child participates in a Math lesson with their class each day where the breadth of the Maths Curriculum is taught across the year. In addition, children participate in a Number Group session which runs for 15 minutes daily and focuses on developing number skills.

Useful websites:

SEN Teacher – This is a good website for your child to practise their maths understanding and skills.

Start at the Reception maths skills and move up through the year groups, as your child develops greater understanding and confidence in mathematics.

BBC Websites - Activities your child can access at home independently to develop their maths understanding.


BBC Bitesize KS1 Maths

BBC Bitesize KS2 Maths

Classroom Secrets

Learning packs to download for each year group and all mathematical subject areas. These learning packs support children to practice and redo activities allowing them to gain the confidence they need to master math skills.

Third Space learning -

This site contains Math games and activities which children can do in and around the home, your child can enjoy these games with you and their siblings. 

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