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   2024 Editions:     

Issue 938

Issue 936

Issue 935

Issue 934

Issue 933

First News Special Editions

First News periodically produce special editions of First News based on many topics across the curriculum, from Shakespeare, WW1 and WW2 to the future of space travel and how to spot fake news. All special editions are available as free digital downloads - simply click any of the links below for the editions you are interested in.

Queen Elizabeth II

First News has published a special commemorative issue to remember Queen Elizabeth II. Inside this special issue, we look back at the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Read all about her early years, her coronation, her wedding dress, her work and her favourite pets. 

All Eyes on Ukraine

The six-page special report has been written specifically to help teachers, parents and children understand what’s happening, presenting the events in a non-sensationalised and unbiased way. We also showcase some of the positive actions and people that have come out of this terrible event, to show children there are more good people than bad in the world.


All Aboard: Space Special

Food, Glorious, Food: Food in Focus Special

Making Sense of the News: Fake News Special

Queen Elizabeth II Special

The making of a playwright: Shakespeare Special 

Who runs our country? Parliament Special


War Time Specials:

World War One      World War Two Issue 1     World War Two Issue 2



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