Lambeth Music Festival

The Lambeth Music Festival is one of the largest youth music festivals in the UK and will feature up to 3000 musicians from schools and music hub partner organisations. The Festival will capture the energy, focus and passion of musicians who will be performing in ten concerts over two weeks. The opening concert includes a breath taking 1800 children singing together on the Royal Festival Hall stage, including a demonstration of the world famous RFH organ. The annual Music Festival is a hugely rewarding experience for the young musicians, proud families, friends and teachers who attend the concerts.

This year Wyvil are thrilled to take part in the Junior Singing Concert, which will take place at the Royal Festival Hall on Tuesday 20th March 2018.  We look forward to sharing photos from the event with you all.

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Lambeth Music Festival as well as their organisers, the Lambeth Music Service.


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