Our Learning

As part of Wyvil Primary School,  we use the mainstream Wyvil curriculum, with adapted approaches to delivery.

Along with Wyvil, we use both the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. This ensures learners have access to a broad and balanced curriculum, similar to their mainstream peers. We adapt teaching strategies to best suit each child's learning needs, using strategies appropriate for learners with autism and speech and language impairments such as visual supports

Children follow the same curriculum as the rest of the school but at a slower pace.  We also make the curriculum more visual and practical and sometimes children may need to follow the curriculum for a younger age.

We aim to boost children’s language and early learning skills with a high ratio of adult to child support and specialist resources.  We include children in as many mainstream lessons as possible and inclusion is always decided on a case by case basis according to strengths across the curriculum.

Part of the Wyvern Federation