Our Therapist Team

We recognise the importance of working closely with therapists to support pupils, staff and parents to ensure pupils are progressing to their potential.

 Therapists work very closely with the teachers to plan programs for each pupil, and they model approaches so that class teams can provide continual provision of shared therapy programs.

 We are delighted to welcome our new Speech Therapist, Sarah Gregory to the team this year who joins, our Occupational Therapist Millie Rogers who together will continue to collaborate to provide individual programs that focus on each pupil's needs.

 The therapists use the SCERTS Model as the basis of their planning and assessment.

 An Educational Psychologist works alongside the Autism Resource Base team as and when needed to support individual pupils, and also provides training and support to staff and families.

 Dr Venita Patel is the school’s allocated paediatrician, and we have an allocated school nurse who supports the general health of the children.

 If you would like to talk with the therapists or specialists, please contact the Autism Resource Base to arrange a meeting.

 For more information on SCERTS please see   http://www.scerts.com/ 


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