PSHCE & Well Being

At Wyvil, children’s wellbeing is considered a great importance and we would like to help you support your child with this during any period of isolation. The following are links to support your child’s wellbeing and mental and physical health. Keeping active, getting outside (just in to the garden), being creative (e,g. baking, art), mindfulness time (e.g. mindful colouring, yoga, meditation), can all help support your child and yourselves.



Lambeth have recently launched their new ELEVATE website, a growing collection of creative activities - all art forms, for all ages.

This week's inspiring selection highlights activities specifically designed to support well being - in support of Mental Health Awareness Week.               (18th - 24th May 2020).





Keeping fit and healthy

Try and complete a home work out everyday


Emotion Coaching Booklet:



Emotional wellbeing:

Keep a diary

Record your feelings daily

Plan your day out

Listen to music

Meditate and relax

Read books or listen to audios on YouTube




PSHCE - Activities for Building Connection

From the PHSCE


Creative & Mindful Arts

Early Arts: Covid19 special edition - Scroll down for lots of super expressive-arty links

Love this ! Children can create their own shapes out of old bits of cardboard , and paint or colour them with their own patterns Slotted Building Discs

If you can get out at all  - pick up some stones and try Rock Painting:

Try some of these super interactive drawing activities, and if you explore the website there are lots of wonderful creative ideas that are underpinned with process pedagogy, rather than “here’s one i made earlier”! :

And here are some ideas for all of us for when we are stuck inside ( and not just during winter!): 50 Fun Things to Do When You're Stuck Inside During Winter

The National Society for Art and Design Education (NSEAD) have published some remote learning resources for all age groups:


Information on Emotion Coaching Free templates to download, print and then colour in for children to write letters to loved ones

Supermovers have numerous videos that will get your children active. The videos link to the curriculum so will keep the children active whilst still learning.

Childline Tool Box has a calm zone where you can access activities, breathing exercises, yoga, games and videos on ways to cope and expressing emotion

Go Noodle have both an ‘At home’ and ‘For families’ option where you can access free movement and mindfulness videos

Imoves have ‘Active blasts’ including workouts, yoga and pilates-

The Muddy Puddle Teacher is offering a 30 dayfree trial. This includes activities for the outdoors, yoga and meditation.

Action For Happiness produce monthly calendars to support mindfulness

Blissful Kids share mindful game ideas

Babbledabbledo share creative activity ideas



Joe Wicks Kids Workoutse.g.

Cosmic Kids Yoga- e.g.

Jumpstart Jonny Workouts e.g.

Guided Meditation For Kids e.g

The mental health charity offer advice and support on mental health and wellbeing. You can access support specifically relating to the corona virus for both children and adults here. you are concerned about your child you can also find contact information here.

BBC Bitesize: PSHCE & Citizenship

   Try out some Cosmic Kids Yoga at home!

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