Phonics & Reading

We have created our curriculum to allow children of all communication levels access to the National Curriculum. Each subject has teaching ideas for Social Partners, Language Partners and Conversational partners to support children in achieving the learning objectives.

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Classrooms and learning are set up according to the TEACCH philosophy, building independence and understanding.



We use Picture Exchange Communication system to support early language acquisition and to support communication in learning as children progress. 




Colourful Semantics

We use Colourful Semantics to develop an understanding of word meanings, and to develop grammatical structure of spoken and written language.


Reading Cafe

Reading Cafe PPT Presentation

Blank Level Questions                         Parent Book Talk  

Useful websites for reading at home


BBC Bitesize KS1 Reading


BBC Bitesize KS2 Reading


Phonics Play

Education Games

ICT Phonics & Reading Games


Spelling Games


Top Marks

Early Years Top Marks Phonics

KS1 Top Marks Phonics

Top Marks Reading

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