First of all, thank you!

First of all, we must say a huge 'Thank You' to all in our Wyvil Family for their patience and support as we continue to navigate through this unprecedented time in our school, and indeed country's history. We hope that the Padlet challenges that our teachers have been providing for you to access at home have served you well throughout Term 5 - it has been uplifting to see photos of the children engaging with their learning over the past few weeks.

What next?

As we enter Term 6, Wyvil will continue to use Padlet as the school's principal tool for learning. This means that children will be able to access the same topics and types of learning, regardless of whether they at home or at school - providing consistency in curriculum coverage, as well as being what we have found the most effective and efficient way through which to continue supporting the children in their learning during this time.

What is Padlet?

Padlet is an application through which teachers have created an online bulletin board, on which they have sourced and displayed information for the full range of their curriculum topics, including English, Maths, Science and Topic, as had been planned to be delivered throughout the Summer Term.

Ms Cross, Mr Millet and Mr Stewart will be keeping each year group's Padlet updated with ideas for PE, Spanish and ICT at home.

Why Padlet?

Having successfully rolled out this programme throughout Term 5, and based on the feedback from families, we feel that this continues to be the best approach for Wyvil - with images, links and even videos of our staff to help bring the learning to life for you all, whether you are at home, or at school.

We hope that you have found Padlet to be a really clear, visual, simple, yet effective way for the children to remain engaged with their learning during this period of school closure.

How does Padlet work?

Term 5's Padlets have been archived, meaning you will still be able to access them, and teachers have set up new Padlets for Term 6 and work will continue to be added to it on a regular basis.

As was the case in Term 5, the work will take the format of a daily timetable to follow, with activity links and ideas to follow too.

When can we start using Padlet?

Each year group's new Padlet for Term 6 will be live as of Monday 1st June.

Padlets, for both Terms 5 & 6, can be found on the corresponding year group pages or can be accessed by clicking below: 

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