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Quizzing for Children!

Here are some practice quizzes for you to have a go at home.

Happy quizzing!

Quiz 1           Quiz 2            Quiz 3            Quiz 4            Quiz 5    

Looking for something more age specific?  

Click the quiz for the age you or your child are!  

5-6 years old            7-8 years old            9-10 years old            11-12 years old


Finished those quizzes?  

Why not click on any of the links below to have a go at some quizzing of your own at home?


Additional Quiz Questions - added today!

CLICK HERE to find out about the collective names of animals in the Animal Kingdom.

From animals and biology, to chemistry and geography, CLICK HERE for a range of general knowledge quizzes to have a go at home.  (Answers included!)

These are the practice quizzes that the Quiz Club teams have been practising at lunchtime!

QUIZ 1           QUIZ 2            QUIZ 3           QUIZ 4

CLICK HERE to find out loads of fun and fantastic facts about the world around us on the National Geographic website.

The Arctic     Oceans     Space     Rainforests     Volcanoes    The Vikings


CLICK HERE to access some World Geographic Activities and Fun.

The Seven Continents     Countries of the World     Cities of the World     

CLICK HERE to access some interactive learning maps.



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