Virtual TRIPS & Visits




If you are able to go out into local parks and green spaces look at these great outdoor activities and resources

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Explore these websites and amazing resources which allow your child to extend their learning, from home!


London Aquarium

ZSL London Zoo




Explore the Amazon rainforest and its animals.     


   Learn some new fun facts from the Animal Encyclopedia.


Take a virtual tour of the Royal Family's Buckingham Palace   


   Find out about the history of England at English Heritage.     


Lots of art and culture at Google's Art and Culture  


Walk along the Great Wall of China. 


Go behind the scenes at the Harry Potter studios.     


  Take a virtual visit of the Houses of Parliament.


   Who needs a spaceship, when you can visit Mars virtually?


More space related fun, pay a virtual visit to the Moon!   


 Find out about our capital city, at the Museum of London!  


Take a virtual tour of London, from the London Eye! 


  More space exploration fun at the online NASA Kids' Club


Back on Planet Earth, why not visit National Geographic?   


   Visit the Natural History Museum   


Explore the night sky, by visiting our on-line planetarium.   

   How many different animals can you spot on our virtual safari?  


   See elephants, giraffes and pandas, live at the San Diego Zoo.      


   One of Wyvil's all-time favourites: the Science Museum.  


 One of Mrs Armitage's favourites: visit the Tate!   


   Take a visit inside Westminster Abbey!   

 Visit the 7 Wonders of the World - which will be your favourite? 


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