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CLICK HERE to access the PPT presentation shared with parents at the KS2 SATs meeting on Thursday 15th March.

This year's Key Stage 2 SATs Tests will take place from:                               Monday 11th - Thursday 14th May 2020.

CLICK HERE to see what was shared at our information evening held in January and to find out more about how you can help your child in the lead up to their SATs tests in May:


CLICK HERE to access free SATs papers online or alternatively visit the website at:


Reading & Comprehension:

Online & Interactive Reading Comprehension 

Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar:

Resource Set 1 - CLICK HERE              Resource Set 2 - CLICK HERE               Resource Set 3 - CLICK HERE

Lots of Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar activities 

Arithmetic & Maths:

Comparing Numbers 

Number (Maths Invaders) 

Number Sequences 

Ordering Numbers 

More Number (Maths Raiders) 

Multiplying & Dividing by 10, 100 & 1000 


Sorting 2D shapes 

Sorting 2D shapes 

Telling the Time 

Time, measuring & times tables 

Time Word Problems

Practise your times tables 

Practise your times tables 

Equivalent Fractions & Mixed Numbers 

Dividing Fractions 

Dividing Fractions - press HINT to get a diagram  


Balancing Scales

Algebra Bar Method

Roman Numerals 


Mini Maths!

Mini Maths

More Mini Maths

Arithmetic Mini Maths


Feeling confident and fancy a challenge?  Have a go at the following links: (Warning: they are not easy!)

General Maths 





Algebra Quick Quiz 


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